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Metrosol Limited is an instrument design company working at the leading edge of research and development in temperature metrology. We have a real passion for innovation and have the privilege of working with some of the world’s leading metrologists to develop and deploy breakthrough technologies that improve measurement standards. Our commercial partner, Isothermal Technology is the leading manufacturer and supplier of temperature calibration solutions with whom we have developed a range of precision thermometry bridges based on these technologies. These instruments are widely used by National Measurement Institutions around the world to establish and disseminate the International Temperature Scale (ITS-90).

In 2017, Metrosol was awarded the Queen’s Award for Innovation.


Our Ethos can simply be stated as “uncompromising”. We believe that the difference between an adequate (or even a good) product and a world-class product is in the fine detail and at Metrosol we are unflinching in our search for perfection. We employ a continuous improvement approach, refining our designs and manufacturing processes in order to ensure that our products always deliver the highest performance and are of the highest quality.

Our approach is to look for innovative solutions to measurement problems that provide tangible benefits to users of our instruments. We collaborate with a number of partners (National Measurement Institutions and commercial organisations) who are acknowledged leaders in their field in the development of our technology. The extensive range of skills we can deploy allows Metrosol to take a product design from a market requirement to a fully engineered instrument, ready for production.

Our aim is always to exceed our customers’ expectations.

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