23/10/2019 - Paul Bramley presented with the Callendar Medal

On Wednesday 23rd October, Paul Bramley (Metrosol’s founder) went down to the “hallowed halls” of the Royal Institution in London where he was presented with the Callendar medal by the Institute of Measurement and Control. This is awarded annually for an “outstanding contribution to the art of instruments or measurement” as a result of his work on the development of a practical Johnson noise thermometer.

Paul commented “This is a tremendous honour, for which I can only thank the institute. Although it is an individual award, I must acknowledge that this is a collective effort with invaluable contributions from my colleagues Dr David Cruickshank and Jeremy Gill, John Pickering of Metron Designs as well as the support and assistance from NPL, in particular from Dr Jon Pearce and Dr Jonathan Williams. I enjoy running in my spare time and this project feels a little like running a marathon. What feels strange is that I seem to be receiving a medal at about the 22 mile mark, just as I’m “hitting the wall”! When I pointed this out, I was assured that the selection committee had every confidence the project would be successful, so no pressure then! It was a great evening and after the nervousness of collecting the award I was able to enjoy a fascinating lecture on the redefinition of the kilogram by Dr Ian Robinson”.


05/09/2017 - Northamptonshire based Metrosol Limited Receives Queen's Award for Innovative Precision Thermometers

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21/04/2017 - Metrosol Receives Queen’s Award for Innovation

Metrosol is delighted to announce that on the occasion of her birthday on 21st April 2017 Her Majesty the Queen has approved the Prime Ministers recommendation that it receive a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the innovation category for its microK product. The microK instrument was the first product developed by the company with the support of a grant for research and development from the East Midland Development Agency in 2004. Since then it has added new products to the line-up as well as improving its existing technologies. The microK has now become the instrument of choice for some of the world’s top standards laboratories.
Founder and managing director Paul Bramley said “we feel honoured, this must be the most prestigious business accolade and is attributable to the skills, hard work and diligence of the Metrosol team as well as all the collaborators, suppliers and sub-contractors with whom we work and I would like to thank them all for their contribution to the success of the company. This award encourages the team as we continue to seek innovative solutions to some of the hardest measurement problems in our industry”.

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