PRESS RELEASE - 5th September 2017

Northamptonshire based Metrosol Limited Receives Queen's Award for Innovative Precision Thermometers

Northamptonshire based precision instrument company Metrosol Limited has received the prestigious business accolade of a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the innovation category for the co-development with Isothermal Technology of its ground-breaking microK instrument. The award was announced on the Queen’s birthday and presented on her behalf by the Vice Lord-Lieutenant of Northamptonshire Sir Peter Ellwood CBE during a visit to Metrosol on 5th September.

The accurate measurement of temperature is vital in a wide range of applications ranging from human health, energy production, pharmaceutical manufacture and metals/ceramics processing to oceanography and environmental science. Metrosol specialises in the development of the most accurate thermometers and their flagship microK instruments are used around the world to establish a reliable temperature scale and provide the basis for the consistent global measurement of temperature, which is essential to international trade, science and research.

The microK instrument was the first product developed by the company with the support of a grant for research and development from the East Midlands Development Agency in 2004. Since then it has added new products to the range and improved the technology so that its instruments can now measure temperature to a precision of 0.000 02°C. Over 80% of the microK instruments are exported to both developed countries such as the USA, China, New Zealand and Germany as well as developing countries such as Botswana, Ecuador, Brunei and Papua New Guinea. Sales during the last 5 years have risen by 86% as the product became the instrument of choice for some of the world’s top standards laboratories.

Founder and managing director Paul Bramley said “This has been an incredible journey. It started with a lunchtime conversation with a business associate during which we discussed the lack of good measurement instruments for the precision temperature market. Rather than just lamenting the situation we saw this as an opportunity and were spurred on to meet the challenge, ultimately leading to today and this prestigious award. I spent several years working in the back bedroom as do many start-ups, but the project soon took off and outgrew the bedroom so that we are now recognised as the world leader in our industry. All this is the result of the skills and dedication of the team and our many collaborators such as Isothermal Technology, the National Physical Laboratory and Metron Designs as well as many others without whom we would not have been able to achieve such success. It’s been a great privilege to work with these fantastic people and is testament to the creative spirit that I believe characterises the UK engineering sector; we may struggle to manufacture consumer products in the UK but we punch well above our weight in innovation and product design.”

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