METROSOL - Publications

1. Bramley P, Stewart Clark. 2002. A Quantitative Model for the Thermocouple Effect Using Statistical and Quantum Mechanics. International Temperature Symposium proceedings 2002.

2. Bramley P, John Pickering. 2006. Better Accuracy in Temperature Calibration and Measurement through a New Type of Analog-to-Digital Converter. Cal Lab magazine Oct-Dec 2006.

3. Bramley P, John Tavener, John Pickering. 2007. Using a Substitution Measurement Topology to Eliminate the Effect of Common Mode Errors in Resistance Measurements used in Temperature Metrology. NCSLi proceedings 2007.

4. Bramley, P., Cruickshank, D. & Pearce, The Development of a Practical, Drift-Free, Johnson-Noise Thermometer for Industrial Applications, J. Int J Thermophys (2017) 38: 25.



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